March workshop: Our Earth, Our Self

Reigniting hope and sustaining action in the face of crisis, an experiential workshop.

Child in silouhette watching rhinos

Take a day out from the grind of making social change to connect with like minded people and reignite your passion. The work that reconnects gives us space to feel difficult emotions in a supportive environment and allow hope to arise.

The Work that Reconnects, also known as ‘despair and empowerment’ work, was developed by Buddhist peace activist and environmentalist Joanna Macy.

Date: Sunday 23rd March 2014

Time: 10am—4pm

Location: Carlton (details on registration)

Cost: pay as you can – this workshop is our gift to you and the Earth, consider how you might like to return that gift.

RSVP: kiri@ by Thursday 20th March 2014

and/or visit the Facebook event page

About the facilitators:

Kiri Bear has worked in the community sector for over 10 years in preventing violence against women. Over that time she has also travelled a spiritual path that has taken her through goddess archetypes, buddhism and deep ecology not to mention the standard human experiences of grief, despair and numbing. In 2007 she completed a Master’s thesis in religion and theology focusing on ecospirituality.

Linette Harriott’s facilitation skills have been built over 26 years of working in the community sector. Her work focuses on ensuring every voice is heard and decisions supporting profound and sustainable change are made using innovative forms of facilitation. Linette‘s passion is exploring the intersections of power and control in relation to gender, age, sexuality, ability, culture and class using a human rights framework.

Please feel free to use the following jpg to share information about the workshop:

earthself flyer 23.3.14

4 thoughts on “March workshop: Our Earth, Our Self

  1. Hello Kiri, I am touched by your site and kindness in offering your workshop this Sunday!
    I would be heartened to be able to attend if you have a space for me? It would be lovely to hear from you. Thankyou Jennyx

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