Letters to trees

I recently discovered that you can write letters to trees within the City of Melbourne. I work near the CBD so I have a number of favourite trees that I pass by most days.

To a colonnade of Deodar:

Hello my darlings, the flower and garden show is on again and so for several weeks I have to walk around the park and miss my morning guard of honour. I miss you all terribly. When I walk under the vaulted ceiling of your mighty branches my inner voice is hushed, I feel grounded and centred by your deep presence. In a matter of moments I pass you by but it’s only when I am denied this ritual that I realise the importance of the way you bookend my day.


To a Moreton Bay Fig (pictured):

I sat among your roots and played ukulele for you the other day. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Your roots make an excellent place to sit.

To the grandma tree (unsent as it’s not in the City of Melbourne):

I long to lay my spine against your wide trunk again.

Sadly none of the trees have written back to me but I remain hopeful. If anyone from the City of Melbourne happens to be reading this post, I would love to volunteer my services to respond on behalf of the trees near my work.

2 thoughts on “Letters to trees

  1. A response! How delightful πŸ™‚

    Hello Kiri,

    Your ukulele skills are quite impressive, feel free to come and play anytime. Although difficult on the ukulele, next time you should play some blues amongst my roots.

    I apologise for this belated email.

    Kind regards, Moreton Bay Fig 1037268

  2. And another one!

    Dear Kiri

    Thank you for your email. Now that the flower and garden show has been and gone we can reunite again!

    Please be sure to stop for a hug next time your passing me by!

    Love Deodar, Tree ID 1037138

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