Artist as Family

We made some new friends! The week after I finished up at work we travelled to Daylesford to ‘SWAP’ (Social Warming Artists and Permaculturalists) with Artist as Family. I can’t think of a better way to begin this new phase of my life. It was divine, too many thoughts and ideas and inspirations to share but this little poem captures some of the spirit.

Woody and I play at being shy.
When we arrived, wide-eyed on the bus from Woodend,
We were delighted by the sight
Of a small child flapping his arms with excitement.

We coasted down the hill to the home of our hosts,
Drawn by the Earth’s pull,
Unburdened by work but inspired to serve.

Our minds were kneaded and stretched,
Inoculated with fresh ideas and insights,
They gently expanded by the warmth of kindred souls.

Our hearts, pickled in tea and honey,
Relaxed and shed layers of fear and grief
That fell to the ground like dead leaves and became humus.

Family life is rarely straightforward but
Being and presence can make it seem so.

PS A few people have been interested in my master’s thesis lately (Seasonal celebrations in the Melbourne bioregion), you can download the pdf from this post.

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