A natural mother


I told a story at The Moth story slam in Melbourne and it was recorded and now they have put it on The Moth website! Woo hoo!

Telling this story has felt like a massive affirmation of my motherhood. It’s been humbling to hear how it has impacted other non-biological parents too, turns out there are a lot of us out there and a lot of children who love us.

In the lead up to the story being published I was terrified but now it’s live I feel really good about it. Funny how things work out that way sometimes – the fear is worse than the reality. I can’t even name what I was terrified of, it was just this free floating anxiety.

Seems like a good moment to refer back to this post about me processing ‘that thing my son said’ which is mentioned in the story. Claiming my identity as a mother has been a long slow journey.


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